About Naomi

Hey there!  My name is Naomi Chinchar, I am 15 years old, from the Tampa, FL.  Since I was old enough to remember, my parents had me in the blue ocean water, on a boat, and on the beach.  I guess I lucked out that my parents, and my Dad’s parents, had a great love for the “ocean life”, and it rubbed off on me.  

When I was 8, I asked my Mom if I could take a sewing class.  And looked what happened; I loved it!  I combined my love for the ocean life with my sewing machine, started designing, and Naomi’s Gems was born.Naomi’s Gems is the perfect representation of my style. From pillows and home decor to my swimsuit line I’ve never been prouder to show you them! Have fun looking around and stay awhile because you can never have too many GEMS!

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